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KeryFlex Nail Restoration System

KeryFlex Nail Restoration System

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The KeryFlex™ system offers an innovative cosmetic solution to onychomycosis

Safe, nonsystemic in-office application

Restores the appearance of the natural nail

New nail is both flexible and durable

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KeryFlex Nail Restoration System

KeryFlex Nail Restoration System

The KeryFlex™ System is a product offering of Pod-Advance, Inc. Pod-Advance uses high-quality synthetic resins from Wilde Corporation of Germany.

Composite patented resin gel

-Insoluble to water
-Seals prepared nail bed
-Available in three colors: opaque, clear and natural
-Responsive to a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light

Works by

-Creating a flexible, nonporous artificial nail, allowing remaining natural nail to re-grow
-Providing optimal cosmesis during oral antifungal therapy
-Providing optimal cosmesis for non-treatable dystrophic nail disorders
-Looking and feeling completely natural
-Delivering a variety of hues to match natural nail bed
-Unaffected by acetone, nail polish, detergents

How Does KeryFlex Work?

-Nail bed is prepared, with debridement of the nail
-KeryFlex Bond is brushed onto the nail plate and nail bed
-KeryFlex Resin builds up the nail and allows sculpting and contouring of the nail
-KeryFlex Seal is applied after the modeling process is completed
-Ultraviolet light hardens the substances within 2 minutes


-Polymerization process bonds the synthetic resin to the nail bed
-KeryFlex resin is extremely strong yet very elastic which adjusts to the rolling motion of the foot
-Allows the newly restored nail to function
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